Fundraising 2021-2022

Fundraising is a critical component of our mission to support Loma Verde Elementary. We hold several key events each year.

Pledge Drive

From August till September 9, 2022, LVF will hold our annual Pledge Drive. We ask you to please consider making a donation in whatever amount you’re comfortable to help support our many wonderful programs. If you make your donation before September 9th, you’ll be eligible for some awesome incentives. Donations are tax deductible.


We raised $143,000 at our Auction in October of 2021. It was held at Hopmonk with WonderBread 5 playing music. If you are interested in being on the Auction Committee or heading the committee we can use your help, please email with interest. Next year’s auction will be in the Spring of 2023. We encourage you to attend, donate auction items and volunteer your time and skills. It really takes a village to make this event a success.

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)