All Loma Verde students are invited to participate in our fun and engaging Before/After School Enrichment Program. There are classes designed for students of all ages and interests. Please see Virginia Menzel in the school office to learn about scholarship opportunities.  If you have questions about this great program or would like to get involved, please contact us at lomaverdefoundation@gmail.com

Electivity Winter English/Inveirno Español

(password lomwin22)


Marin Treks After School Natural Science Class with Mr. C 

Dates: Fridays January 7, 14, 21, 28; February 4, 11, 18 

Class Description:  Join Mr. C on a continuing journey through time and discover the amazing  history of life on planet earth! Children will come face to face with some of the oldest, most  fascinating creatures on earth including bacteria, insects, arachnids, dinosaurs, birds, reptiles,  amphibians, and mammals. We’ll dissect owl pellets, study dinosaur fossils and ice age fossils,  study bats, birds of prey, pond life, tide pool life, and many other fascinating creatures from  around the world! We’ll also learn about and meet some of the reptiles, amphibians,  mammals, birds, and arthropods (including insects, spiders, and millipedes) that live right here  in Novato. Please note that I’ll be bringing back those amazing leopard geckos,  tortoises, snakes, and frogs again for 2022 and beyond!  Please email Mr. C to enroll: brian@marintreks.com  

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)