2018 TK & Kindergarten Registration

TK & Kindergarten Registration is Open for the 2018-19 School Year!

Dear Loma Verde Community,

Loma Verde teachers have attended countless days of training as part of the Early Success Initiative. One of our goals has been to create a Culture of Caring at our school. Teachers have used the information from the trainings to implement some exciting changes at our school.

Every week, on Wednesdays, we gather together as a community to develop relationships with each other and to strengthen our connection to the school. Our morning meetings are led by Mrs. McMorrow. Every week she highlights the word of the month such as gratitude, and gives students a chance to learn about it and how to demonstrate it in everyday situations. Last week, fourth and kindergarten buddy classes shared a gratitude song with the whole school. During the assembly, students are also recognized for demonstrating good character as well as applauded for academic achievements. We sing our school song, say the LV Pledge, and end the assembly with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Next time you have a chance, come stop by the multipurpose room on Wednesday mornings to see our Wednesday Meetings. Here’s our pledge that we make every week!


I promise to make good choices and always do my best for myself, my classroom, my school, and my community.

Mrs. Cheema

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)